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We are thrilled to offer this upcoming litter to the Anatolian Shepherd Breed.  Both Kenzo (himself an import) and Tulli are sired by two unrelated imported dogs.  Tulli's sire is from Turkey, and Kenzo's sire is in France.  The genetics in this litter will be not be available elsewhere in the United States and should greatly improve the current Anatolian Shepherd Dog population. 

Additionally, both Kenzo and Tulli were recent winners of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club's Top Hero award for saving a HUMAN LIFE.  They both left their livestock, jumped the fence and ran to their owner's side to stop a drug crazed maniac from attacking their owner, and then casually went back to their sheep and goats.  This behavior from WORKING SHOW DOGS!

Both of these dogs epitomize what our breed is all about.  NEVER aggressive unless they need to be.

Tulli's sire (OFA Excellent/Elbows Normal) has verified wolf kills while in Turkey.  Tulli fought next to her dam ("Hali" also OFA Excellent/Normal) to save her sheep from a mountain lion attack in Colorado.  Kenzo quietly and effectively goes about his job with his goats and we expect no less from these pups!

For more information about this litter please contact us.